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Sick Turtle Goes To Doctor Determined turtle walks to doctors office.

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Cheloniids are hard-shelled sea turtle species (the green turtle, loggerhead turtle, hawksbill turtle, kemps ridley turtle, olive ridley turtle, and flatback turtle) that are members of the Cheloniidae Family. The one species of marine turtle that is not a member of the Cheloniidae is the leatherback: it is the sole living member of the Dermochelyidae Family

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Read the Recovery Plan for US Pacific Green Sea Turtle written for the US Department of the Interior, effected in 1998.

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Seaworld's Turtle Facts

A little History about Green Sea Turles (Thanks to the Office of Naval Research)
Green Sea Turtles are reptiles whose ancestors evolved on land and returned to the sea to live. The first turtles appeared during the Triassic period, 245 to 208 million years ago. Fossils for the earliest known sea turtles appear in the Late Jurassic period, 208 to 144 million years ago. Turtles are one of the few species that watched the dinosaurs evolve and become extinct.

Facts about Turtles:

A leatherback turtle is covered with leathery skin, not scutes (horny plates) like other sea turtles. It is the only marine turtle whose backbone is not attached to the inside of its shell.

The green sea turtle gets its name from the color of its body fat.

Green sea turtles can stay under water for as long as five hours. Their heart rate slows to conserve oxygen: nine minutes may elapse between heartbeats.

All eight sea turtle species are listed as either endangered or threatened. Despite several management measures to preserve sea turtles, their future is still in question, due to a number of natural and human-induced factors.


Releasing Baby Turtles - 2006

Two turtles getting closer to their destiny.

We all lined up, released our turtles, and the race is on.

Louis with his baby.

Green Sea Turtle Facts:

Hatchlings weigh about 0.055 lbs (25 g) and are about 2 in (50 mm) long.

Adult green turtles weigh 300-350 lbs (136-159 kg) and may reach a size of 3 ft (0.91 m) long.

Age at sexual maturity is estimated at 20-50 years.

Adult green turtles are the only marine turtles to exclusively eat plants!

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